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Hemp Rope - Hand dyed, prepared ropes

Hemp Rope - Hand dyed, prepared ropes

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This is beautiful prepared Hemp Rope

- Softened 

- Finished Ends

- Hand dyed

storage: Store at room temperature, away from sunlight.

strength: Each 6 mm strand has a breaking strength of approximately 350 pounds., Making the safe load for suspension a human body approximately 35 pounds. Per strand. Please be advised that this is an approximate not a concrete figure. The actual figure may depend on the road, the amount of use and the load conditions. Always moderate in favour of greater safety.


Maintainance: with use, the centre of the rope begin to unravel. To correct this you need to rule the tension back into your rope. Place the end of the rope over your right knee, pointing towards your left leg, and roll them up your leg, towards yourself, twisting the rope. Do this several times. Run your finger through the rope, splitting the ends and moving towards the center. This will shift the twisting affect towards the centre of the rope. Once your rope reaches desired level of twist, run the rope through your hands, spreading attention consistently through the rope.