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We host fun and educational workshops at our store on topics like penis & vulva massage, BDSM, dirty talk, and much more – all with a focus on shame-free pleasure exploration and consent!

Please note: Our workshops are on hold until gatherings of 20+ people can resume, but check back soon for updates! In the meantime, here are some workshops that you can expect to see once things get back to normal:

The Art of Vulva Massage

Rope Basics


The warm, down-to-earth folks at SexPositive Shop helped me get in touch with my feminine side by showing me their wearable female prosthetics. They also helped me find the right pegging device and educated me on how to use it!


SexPositive Shop is such a safe, beautiful, loving and supportive space. Thank you for everything you are doing! I attended the Penis Massage Workshop and it was such a caring and thoughtful workshop.


Recently divorced and lonely, I was looking for some solo pleasure time. The staff at SexPositive Shop helped me find the right vibrator . . . a few, actually! I've also attended some of their workshops to find out more about my erotic side. Life's a journey, so why not get on board!