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July 3: The Art and Science of Anal Play for all

July 3: The Art and Science of Anal Play for all

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Nothing can promote relaxation more effectively than developing the habit of sensitively pleasuring your anus for a minute or two every time you shower or bathe! A powerful thought-provoking, anus-tightening statement !

Join us for an exploration of Anal Pleasure! 

This workshop is part information-sharing, demonstration, and discussion. The live demonstration will include connection, consent and communication. For this offering we will have a live model as we demonstrate the possibilities of Anal Pleasure for all genders.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • to dispel the myths and negativity of Anal Play and Pleasure
  • what lubes are good or great to use
  • techniques for solo and partnered exploration of Anal Pleasure
  • anatomy explaining the possibilities of why Anal Play is so pleasurable

Mehdi is a somatic sex and trauma therapist. This unique workshop will include a handout explaining the different techniques. Mehdi will also offer a live demonstration on a female human that would illustrate the teachings around Anal massage with clear explanations of external as well as internal anatomy and touch techniques.

The presentation will include a handout and time for Q & A.