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Silver Seal Triangle Attachable Silicone Breast Forms

Silver Seal Triangle Attachable Silicone Breast Forms

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Silver Seal breast forms are designed for those who want high quality breast forms at a very affordable price! Silver Seal breast forms have the full modified triangle shape that many clients prefer.

The Double-Strength membrane on the back of the breast forms ensures that you can use our medical adhesives on the forms without fear of damage.*

Every pair of our Silver Seal breast forms includes our Tape Kit #1 FREE, a $20 value!

Silver Seal Triangle attachable breast forms are realistic, comfortable, and can be used with a variety of adhesives*.

The mildly-erect nipples are silicone-filled with natural coloring of the areola. They look and feel very realistic.

These breast forms are designed and guaranteed by The Breast Form Store.

Why our Silver Seal breast forms cost less than other breast forms

  • The Soft silicone is slightly firmer than Super Soft silicone
  • They come in a limited range of sizes (less inventory for us to carry)
  • Please note that Silver Seal breast forms are made to the same exacting standards as our other breast forms
  • At last! Inexpensive, high quality breast forms that are made in the USA!

Why we recommend our Silver Seal Triangle breast forms

  • Guaranteed to withstand the use of our double-sided tapes*
  • The premium triangle breast forms can be worn on either side of the body and are designed for wider chests - perfect for the male torso!
  • Slightly more concave design than our Gold Seal Classic breast forms for a perfect fit
  • They are a modified triangle breast form with a full round projection
  • Easily fits into a variety of bra styles
  • The forms can be used in several positions to suit your body and clothing
  • Silver Seal breast forms are made with 100% standard soft silicone for the warmth, movement and feel of real breasts
  • They mold to your chest, with or without a bra
  • The work great in pocketed and non-pocketed bras
  • Mildly erect nipples add to the beauty and realism of the breast forms
  • Every pair of Silver Seal Triangle breast forms comes complete with our Tape Kit #1, FREE!
  • Our Double-sided Tapes easily attach your breast forms to your chest, and are easy to remove.