Mr. Fenis ~ STP

Mr. Fenis ~ STP

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What happens when you take the well loved Fenis, add a more detailed head and some more fleshy colors? Mr. Fenis!!

Easy to whip out in many situations and able to be packed up really small, we think this 100% silicone STP is a great choice for folks looking for a very simple device to carry anywhere.

(Note there are some air bubbles in these. That is normal, does not affect the usage ad is not a valid return reason)

Directions are included, but below you can also read the maker's Users Guide below:

Before taking the Fenis out and about for regular use, experiment with the flow of water from a tap first to help judge a good angle to catch and release flow. New users should familiarize themselves with the Fenis in a private setting, like a shower, to practice with positioning and use to find the best position for you. As with anything new, practice makes perfect, and user experiences may vary. Expelled urine is sterile, and non-toxic.

Positioning and Use:
Hold the Fenis by the receptacle in one hand with the opening facing up, and the phallus pointing forward away from you. Place receptacle underneath genital area and gently position it against the body. Don't press receptacle too firmly, as it will change form and reduce the area where urine is collected. Allow a small space between your body and the Fenis at the front to see if you are positioning correctly during urination, and maintain light contact with the body at the back and sides to avoid leakage. Ensure the receptacle and phallus are at a downward angle to the front, and once you are comfortable with contact and position, urination can begin. Control the direction of the flow by holding phallus with the opposite hand while keeping contact with the receptacle and the body. Once urination is complete, remove from body and use Fenis to wipe away remaining drops or use tissue to wipe. Hold Fenis with phallus pointing down then give a gentle shake to remove any remaining liquid. If available, rinse Fenis with water, or wash with soap and water or cleanser if desired. Fold Fenis if desired and return to storage bag and seal.

Cleaning the Fenis can be accomplished in a variety of ways. If used in a remote location, a quick rinse with water is useful if available before storage. If no water is available, the unit can be folded and returned to bag and sealed for a later cleaning. A sanitizing gel or spray is also an excellent option. When cleaning at home, the Fenis can withstand all manner of cleaning agents, from mild detergents or antibacterial soaps to diluted bleach or boiling water. The Fenis is durable and will hold up to repeated use and cleaning over many years with proper care. Silicone is inert, non-porous and does not support microbiological growth.

The Fenis can be stored in a sealed bag or case, before or after use. The Fenis is UV resistant, so exposure to sunlight will not dry out or damage it.

Made in Canada • Note there are some air bubbles in these. That is normal and does not affect the usage.

Available in four tones (pictures from left to right): Vanilla Peach, Vanilla Olive, Tan, and Chocolate

This is about 8" long and 1.5" wide

As is the case with all StPs, we cannot guarantee that this product will work for you. Most StPs take some practice using before you take it out in the real world. Please note that all sales are final.