May 25 (Sat, 10-4): Couples Intimacy and Pleasure

May 25 (Sat, 10-4): Couples Intimacy and Pleasure

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Saturday May 25, 2024, 10am-4pm

Do you want to feel more desire and more desirable? Do you wish to become more knowledgeable in the art of intimacy? For a TWO-for-ONE price (no tax charged) this is a rare chance to drastically enhance your sex life. Here's your path to become a sex master!

Come learn how to have pleasure-based (vs performance-based) sexual activity.

An all-day workshop for couples of all configurations

This is an all-day workshop. Each couple needs only one ticket. 

This workshop is sponsored by Sexpositive Shop and held at an event space in Mill Bay

The morning will be focused on consent and boundaries. Learning:

  • how your No is as sexy as your Yes
  • how to ask for what you want
  • how to receive without having to give something in return
  • learn and/or review important information about anatomy

In live demos you will learn:

  • how to communicate and negotiate based on true consent
  • how to warm up the body
  • how to help your partner relax and get into their body
  • How to help your partner to ask for what brings them pleasure
  • how to help your partner discover their pleasure points
  • how to give your beloved an erotic massage
  • how to have pleasure-centred vs performance-centred sex

In the afternoon, everyone will have the opportunity to give and receive a long one-way erotic massage with their partner.

The instructors will be available to answer questions and to coach.

A light lunch will be provided that will include vegan and meat options; gluten and dairy free options; and dairy products. Herbal teas will be available. If you have dietary issues, we ask you take care of yourself. There will be a loving care-bowl available for your donations for the lunch.


Sher is a professional Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Coach who brings to her practice a lifetime of personal experience in trauma healing, erotic education and client-centred care. Sher's aim is to support all people in their journey to becoming whole, shame-free and secure in their bodies and in their lives.

Sher is BDSM- and kink-friendly, providing unconditional support for all fantasies, gender expressions and erotic experiences that are sex-positive and harm-free. Sher is known for hosting a safe space for trans-persons, cross-dressers, non-binary and queer folks from all around South Vancouver Island.

Sher's commitment to playful, honest and secure erotic expression is very “permission-giving” as described by her friends and clients. She offers a relaxing and calming presence along with clear boundaries, so that Sher's clients know what to expect and what they can learn about releasing shame from their sexual experiences and their bodies. Nothing shocks Sher. Her open-mindedness has helped countless people get in touch with their inner voice and their power of choice, learning the nature of true consent while developing their playful erotic expressiveness.

Mehdi is a Somatic Sex and Trauma Therapist who helps his clients with sexual and relationship challenges as well as with their pleasure goals. In his work. He draws from a wide spectrum of approaches including talk, mindfulness, bodywork, breathwork, hypnosis, and visualization.