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Shopping Assistance

Need some help choosing the right product? We can help you find what's juicy for you, by navigating the web site with you.

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Sexual Health Consultation

Facing sexual challenges?
We offer you a free 30 minute consultation with a professional sex therapist, via video call or phone.

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Shopping Assistance

We can talk to you on the phone, while navigating the web site together. You make an appointment with us, and we will call you. This is a free service. It's meant to help you feel like you are physically in our store, looking and touching our products, with the help of a real person.

There are so many reasons to talk to someone:

You feel overwhelmed or confused by online shopping.
You don't know what you want exactly, and want help figuring it out.
You just want to talk to somebody about a particular product.
You want to know the texture or weight of the product?
You want to know what a particular product can do for you.

A knowledgeable and friendly shopping assistant, a real person, will be more than happy to talk to you on the phone, in either French or English.

The assistance is free of charge, and we offer up to 30 minutes. Most calls will take 10-15 minutes. If you are from the U.S. then we will arrange for you to call us and will provide a number.

Sexual Health Consultations

Have you had any questions you've been too afraid to ask about your sex life?  You can ask them all here :-) in a safe space open to all genders and orientations. We are poly and kink friendly, and supportive. Your consultation is completely confidential.

Our resident somatic sex and trauma therapist will provide you with support and information, be it books or online resources, discussion of available professional services, and referral to other professionals. 

Mehdi Naimi, MA
Somatic Sex & Trauma Therapist
based on Vancouver Island

Mehdi Naimi MA Counselling Psychology

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