July 7: Knotty Rope Restraints

July 7: Knotty Rope Restraints

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Sunday, July 7 (5:30-7:30), at Sexpositive Shop

Special price for our previous participants!!

Does tying your lover intrigue you? Does the thought of being tied make you nervous? Rope can be fun and sexy, but where do you start? We will show you how to tie your partner for some fun time in bed.

Come learn the basic, safe, and functional fundamental rope skills that help you discover ties and applications that appeal to you. (see Practice ties below!)

If there is enough interest, we'll practice hip and chest harnesses to build towards suspension. 

 This class Gabriel will cover;

  • Safety and Consent
  • single column tie /square knot
  • reverse tension / larks head
  • joining two ropes
  • frictions/ hitches

Practice ties: hands free Shinju chest harness, hair tie, leg tie (futomomo), and hip harness

There'll be time for questions, discussion and practice!

Bonus game: ichinawa !!

No Pre-requisites required. Come with a partner or pair up with another participants if you wish. You can also practice the basic knots on your own body.

Instructor: Rope has captivated Gabriel for its beauty, sensuality, versatility, technical challenge and artistic expression. He loves the slow build up of connection and inherent intimacy between rigger and bottom.

Gabriel has been doing rope (self taught) for several years. With a background in engineering, a love for knots (naughty or not), a lot of studying, and now hundreds of hours of practice with many amazing models, he's picked up some skills. He has enjoyed sharing those skills in the many group rope sessions in Nanaimo and Parksville.