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Master Cleanse ~ Sexual Healing Bath Treatment 250g ~ Wild Woman Medicine Show

Master Cleanse ~ Sexual Healing Bath Treatment 250g ~ Wild Woman Medicine Show

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Master Cleanse ~ Sexual Healing 250g ~ Wild Woman Medicine Show

Shaman Infused Naturally Healing Aromatherapeutic Bath Treatment.

Solar salt with the purest non-gmo, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils.

The Universe gave us sexual intercourse as a gift. This blend facilitates a return to the freedom, beauty and ecstasy of physical union. We make room for all that feeds us and moves us and brings to life all that is true and real. Sexual energy is well known to facilitate healing on all levels and can be mirrored to the world.

Mantra ~ I am free of the past, pleasure is good.

Crystal Energy ~ Carnelian agate, rose quartz, larimar, lava

Element ~ Earth, stars, fire, water

Solar salt, mineral salt, bentonite, diatomaceous earth, sodium bicarbonate with the purest essential oils of ylang ylang, patchouli, clary sage, Melissa.

Each Bath Treatment is infused with Shamanic Healing Energies, provided by Shae the Wild Woman Medicine Show Shaman .

The Wild Woman Medicine Shows life long commitment to shifting this World into a higher, easier consciousness, pervades each and everyone of our Products. Soak in these beautiful salts and release attachments that no longer serve.

Breath in the scents and be transformed to your highest self.

by Wild Woman Medicine Show of Nanaimo BC Canada