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About Us


  • Mehdi Naimi

    Mehdi Naimi


    I am a father, professional trauma-informed somatic coach & bodyworker, lover and artist. Along with my life partner, Anita, I created Sexpositive Shop in order to help others release tension and blockages around their erotic journeys. I'm very passionate about educating society on how to become free of shame and how to enjoy the healing power of pleasure.

  • Anita Roy

    Anita Roy


    Early on, in my teens, I became fascinated with the theories of Tantra and erotic energy as described by Wilhelm Reich. I realized intuitively, and despite my lack of experience, that eroticism and life force were deeply intertwined. Like most women, I endured bad sex and sexual assault, and found pleasure here and there, almost by accident it seemed. It doesn't have to be that way. My desire is to help others understand that we deserve pleasure, that we can deepen it, that there's no shame in wanting pleasure and that there are tools and techniques to make this possible.

  • Niki


    Retail Manager

    I am the purchaser, manager & co-conspirator in the awesome that is the Sexpositive Shop. I am a strong, bright, well-adjusted human female with a great sense of humour and a serious desire to assist my fellow humans in the pursuit of sexual health & pleasure. I come from a multi-layered resume of fantastic experiences that have formed me in to the sexpositive passionista I am today! A 3rd generation Canadian, Born in Ontario, I have lived in Chilliwack, Europe, Whistler and Burnaby as well as this beautiful Island over the past 40 years. I have kinky interests, an adventurist spirt, I speak French with a Swiss accent and love animals and plants. I currently identify as a dramatic, humorous, openminded, happy, animated lover of all things sensuous. I am an artist, a dreamer, a poet, an actor, a singer and a teller of jokes story's and tales.

  • Sher Snow

    Sher Snow

    Event Coordinator

    I help to organize and publicize events happening at Sexpositive Shop. I also work as a professional Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Coach with clients who wish to heal their sexual shame and trauma. BDSM- and kink-friendly, my calm and relaxing presence helps everyone feel safe and celebrated in their erotic fantasies. I enjoy providing a safe space for trans-persons to experiment with their gender identity and expressions. My aim is to help everyone become playful, honest and expressive in their erotic fantasies. As a big supporter of all things sex-positive, I'm pleased to help Sexpositive Shop bring interesting, diverse, stimulating and educational workshops to the general public.

  • River


    Shop Consultant

    I am a queer Sexual Health Educator with special interests in consent, pleasure positivity, LGBT+ inclusion, and the clitoris. I love to talk about sex and help others find the answers they're looking for. Come bring your curiosity to me at Sexpositive... there are no questions too awkward!


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    Our Products

    We offer a wide variety of distinctive and well-made products for every taste and sensibility . . . plus free advice on how to use them all!

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    Our People

    We have friendly, educated and openminded staff to help you find the right way to express your erotic desires!

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    Our Place

    We're situated in a clean, brightly-lit suite in Parksville, B.C. with a private consultation room for anyone who is shy about expressing their wants!

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    Our Events

    We host an array of workshops, events and talking groups that invite the community to share and connect on all topics related to sexuality, eroticism and intimacy!