Love Yourself, Love Another

Happy Valentines’ Day to all the lovers out there!

You don’t need a partner to be a lover, by the way . . . The best kind of lover knows how to love their own self! When you love yourself, you love another even better because you have confidence, self-worth and mojo.

Whether you’re single or partnered or in a polyamorous dynamic, you can treat yourself to something sweet on Valentine’s Day. Too much of the time, our society views couplehood as the ultimate happiness. While it is nice to have a reliable partner and lover, it’s always necessary to be your own person and enjoy your autonomy. This makes you even more attractive, in your own eyes as well as to your partner/s.

Here are some ways you can love yourself for Valentine’s Day:

  • Look in the mirror and say “You’re wonderful and I love you!”
  • Dress up a little or a lot. Groom yourself so that you feel beautiful.
  • Get a nice meal, box of chocolates or bottle of wine.
  • Write a list of things you’d like to do on your own this spring – for instance, trying something new, spending time in nature, or volunteering for your favourite cause.
  • Get a new sex toy.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes making love to yourself!

See, all of these things are possible, whether you are in a couple or not. Go ahead and share them with your partner/s if you want . . . But make sure to focus on your own amazingness! Because you are amazing!

Awesome things happen when you open up to a fresh perspective on what’s important to you, what makes you feel special and beautiful, what gives you sensual pleasure, and what new things you want to try.

As an individual, you are important and lovable. So, make sure you know it! If you have a partner, they probably already see you this way – why not see yourself this way, too? If you’re single, you are your own best lover – why not be great company to yourself?

This Valentines’ Day, be sure to love yourself, whether or not you love another!

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